• Reviewed by: darlena1217  on: 2016-05-29T12:20:05.508-07:00
    I am here right now with my family and I am VERY disappointed and dissatisfied with the service! I d
  • Reviewed by: pompeiipurple1969  on: 2016-05-04T07:15:35.994-07:00
    Great food! Excellent restaurant. Best Chinese buffet in Oakland County. And they have good prices f
  • Reviewed by: fairy13311331  on: 2016-03-16T10:39:01.340-07:00
    Wonderful good excellent yummy
  • Reviewed by: rjray69  on: 2016-03-10T14:27:59
    This is the best Chinese Buffet in Oakland county. Always enjoy their Sushi Bar.
  • Reviewed by: Fairy13311331  on: 2016-02-21T22:32:28.105-08:00
    The best of the best!!! We love this place
  • Reviewed by: diroff  on: 2016-01-20T13:03:14
    We ate there last week and LOVED it. Have invited friends for a farewell dinner. I need to know the prices. We are eating at 4. Thank you
  • Reviewed by: sddolsen  on: 2016-01-03T06:03:29
    on "about"...I can't read Chinese. looking for pricesSusan
  • Reviewed by: atrainn12  on: 2015-12-16T05:32:18
    Hallo I wood like 2 have free fuod
  • Reviewed by: Coapman  on: 2015-09-20T10:07:26
    Looking for a chinese buffet resturant
  • Reviewed by: fsfensler  on: 2015-08-18T15:40:46
    Your food is great but your waitstaff stinks. Send them back back to Asia where compassion doesn't appear to count for much, as demonstrated during my visit 08/18/15 at 2:00 pm. Not to worry, however, as you will never see me nor my friend in your restaurant again.BTW, do your waitresses understand the English language?I didn't think so, after today's Donnybrook concerning Pepsi and iced tea.
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