• Reviewed by: Coapman  on: 2015-09-20T10:07:26
    Looking for a chinese buffet resturant
  • Reviewed by: fsfensler  on: 2015-08-18T15:40:46
    Your food is great but your waitstaff stinks. Send them back back to Asia where compassion doesn't appear to count for much, as demonstrated during my visit 08/18/15 at 2:00 pm. Not to worry, however, as you will never see me nor my friend in your restaurant again.BTW, do your waitresses understand the English language?I didn't think so, after today's Donnybrook concerning Pepsi and iced tea.
  • Reviewed by: ljm4931984  on: 2015-07-10T14:49:12.712-07:00
    Need to make coupon available on smartphones
  • Reviewed by: Topginny16  on: 2014-12-09T16:42:20
    I enjoy the variety of food, it is always hot and ready. We have our HolidayParty there each year, with good results.
  • Reviewed by: kylekeller1  on: 2014-08-26T08:23:31
    Hi,I thought I would email you first rather then taking up your time on the phone. I just had a few quick questions for you if you have a second.Do you guys serve Lunch?Do you have a Lunch Menu or any Lunch Specials?Can you use more Lunch Business or Catering/Group Orders? If so, let us help increase your Lunch Business...We'll put your Menu or Lunch Specials in front of thousands of people around your restaurant, right before lunch (around10:30am-11:00am), for less then $25 a week.No contracts.No long term commitments.Judge us by the resultsHow it works...First we call every Business, Hospital, School and Large Office Complex within a certain radius of your restaurant and simply ask them...~ If they have heard of the restaurant?~ If they know where you are located?~ If they would like to receive a menu or some lunch specials from you?Because it has to do with food about 95 of the businesses we call have no problem subscribing to receive a menu or some lunch specials.That's the biggest benefit to you, these are people around you that want to see your menu or lunch specials. After we compile a subscribers list of a thousand to a few thousand businesses near you, we broadcast out your menu or specials to them right before lunch, around 10:30am-11:00am. (by fax or email, whichever the subscribers gives us)Within minutes thousands of people near you have your menu or specials in front of them.* Instant Results (you start getting orders the same day the broadcast goes out)* Many of our customers get $200-$300 OFFICE GROUP ORDERS EACH WEEK! * Great way to BOOK CATERING ORDERS!Feel free to call or email me with any questions or if you would like to get started.Thank you for your time,Kyle Keller(520)
  • Reviewed by: junny_sa  on: 2014-08-11T01:20:39.718-07:00
    i like this restaurant
  • Reviewed by: mlor03  on: 2014-07-23T12:44:17
    Hi,I was wondering if you guys cater. I did not see it on the menu.Thanks
  • Reviewed by: motafranc  on: 2014-07-07T20:12:00
    I was in Michigan for the July 4th weekend and stopped by on the 6th with family. The food was good, the restaurant was clean and the staff very hard working. Wish the restaurant much success always. Thanks
  • Reviewed by: rupleb  on: 2014-05-06T20:32:54
    i like being able to get a coupon right from your website- but your website does not list any prices or mention the price for the buffet. the ABOUT page is not wrote in English, only Chinese and I can not read it.thank youbrenda
  • Reviewed by: joyfulgirlofhis  on: 2014-04-29T12:19:10
    We love this restaurant. Wonderful selection, friendly staff and very reasonable price.
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