• Reviewed by: phildirtus  on: 2008-06-23T01:55:00
    Large buffet with many choices. Mongolian grill with large choice of ingredients and sauces - cooked to order. Unfortunately small choice in sushi... but basic items are good. We are mostly lunch diners so can't comment on dinner choices. Excellent over all and the best buffet in area. Staff is excellent with manager always present. We go at least once a week and highly recommend. Everyone we have recommended it to have been very surprised at price and quality.
  • Reviewed by: Jim.N.Shirley  on: 2008-06-21T06:54:00
    65 miles from home and we still travel there. The food is HOT... Service outstanding... Flavors--TERRIFIC
  • Reviewed by: dolphins3721  on: 2008-06-16T21:34:00
    Great buffet, lots of choices, tastes fabulous!
  • Reviewed by:   on: 2007-05-08T21:50:00
    a fantastic resturant, the service and staff are excellent. We go several times a week and recommend it to ALL of our friends, neighbors, relatives and co-workers
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